ChangePeople is a small consultancy that houses motivated, involved and committed consultants. We focus on organisational reinforcement of both new and existing Salesforce implementations. Our consultants have experience with numerous IT-implementations and therefore understand that each implementation is unique. Accordingly, we do not work based on a ‘one size fits all’-approach – instead, we tailor the process to fit your organisation.


Change originates with people. As a result, our work with the customer is always centred around teamwork. Our ambition is to face the challenges, to solve the problems and to be brave – together. The best way to do so is to play an active role in your team in order to combine our own expertise in IT-implementations with your unique in-house knowledge. We always work on-site with our customers for 6- 12 months at a time. By being a part of your team, we can both manage the direction of the process and be supportive in making sure that your organisation reaches its fullest potential.

Our services

Process Mapping

When working with process mapping, we map your business processes by analysing your customers’ journey through your organisation. The mapping takes place prior to the implementation and has its focus on identifying touch points that can be optimised and/or automated. Oftentimes, we find opportunities for improving the decision-making processes that slow down and complicate your business processes. Through process mapping, we identify the elements, which can be improved and consequently optimise both the business processes but equally the customer journey.

Change Communication

Change exists in a variety of sizes and each one requires well-considered strategic communication. When the communication about the change is concise and transparent, employees of the organisation have an easier time understanding the cause of the change. This way, we can reduce the internal resistance against the change.

Leadership Onboarding

When working with change, it is imperative to mobilise all layers of management in the company. This way, the employees can see that the management actively advocates for the change. For this reason, we have a great focus on engaging the management so they can carry out their necessary roles in the Salesforce implementation.

Training in salesforce

At ChangePeople, we give high prioritisation to the strategy for training, when we work with Salesforce implementation and user adoption. That is why we have a keen focus on the user’s encounter with Salesforce and make that sure it is facilitated and taught as thoroughly as possible. Salesforce training is designed around the unique education program built by ChangePeople’s consultants. Each education program revolves around the number of users that need training, geographical scatter, organisational hierarchy, number of languages and the scope of Salesforce.

CRM Project Management

CRM Project Management revolves around the ability to plan and carry out a successful implementation AND manage the subsequent continuous development of the system.

Our task is to make sure that your CRM is as efficient as it can be. Here, we draw upon our years of experience with both project management and Salesforce, when working with our clients. Accordingly, we can manage the entire Salesforce implementation project or handle parts of the project, depending on our client’s needs.

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